Photos from Cowfold Circular

Steve took some photos on the most recent walk with his new phone, when he was not on Twitter that is. Here are some of the best of them.

Early on we found a broken fingerpost. Here is one of the fingers, still pointing the way:

Broken Fingerpost

Here are a chicken and a goose that Steve spotted:

Chicken and Goose

This pleasant view was only marred by the electricity pylons:

Pleasant View - Except for the Electricity Pylon!

Here’s a nice picture of a stream running through the woods:

Stream Through Woods

Steve evidently liked the look of his lunch so much that he took a picture of it!

Steve's Lunch

This is the signpost at the main crossroads in Warninglid. We’ve visited all the places named on various group walks.

Warninglid Signpost

There were plenty of sheep on the second half of the walk. Here’s one that wasn’t going to be intimidated by some pesky ramblers!

Well 'ard Sheep

Finally, here are a couple of horses Steve took a liking to. The first starred in a tweet on behalf of Sussex Area Ramblers!

Horse #1

Horse #2

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