Walks Programme

Please contact the walk leader before the start of the walk to confirm that you are coming on the walk. This will allow you to confirm that the walk is still on. Also, it is useful for the walk leader to know the numbers, e.g. for booking a table for lunch at a pub.

If a walk is cancelled, we will put a notification on our Facebook page, so it is a good idea to check it on the morning of the walk to confirm that the walk is still on. It is also a good idea to confirm that the walk details have not changed. Be particularly careful of things like the clocks going back/forward.

The walks below are upcoming walks. Walks are removed soon after they have been completed. New walks are added as they are confirmed.

DateWalk & LeaderMeet At & Notes

Make sure that you are dressed and equipped for the occasion; boots are the norm except in the driest weather and on easy walks. Always carry waterproof clothing no matter how fine the start of the day. In cold or windy weather, gloves, hat and an extra layer of clothing might be appropriate. In very hot or wet weather, a change of socks at lunch time can be a real luxury. A plastic bag can be used inside your rucksack to keep the contents dry.

Carry adequate food and drink, with some spare. There will be rest/refreshment stops. It is indicated on the program whether the lunch stop is at a pub or will be a picnic.