Latest Walk: Arlington and Abbot’s Wood

The weather was excellent for today’s walk, which started from and ended at Arlington Reservoir car park. Conditions were generally not too muddy under foot, and we even saw some bluebells!

Many thanks to Steve for leading this excellent walk. If you attended, and would like to comment, feel free to do so.

3 thoughts on “Latest Walk: Arlington and Abbot’s Wood”

  1. Thanks Steve. More stiles than normal to contend with but the weather, bluebells out in force and interesting village of upper dicker more than compensated. The obligotary horse of course!! We also interrupted a racehorse who was training itself! Not sure what was going on there.

  2. Thanks for the comments Andy. Glad you liked it.

    Thank you also to everyone else who attended and was happy to have lunch on the ex-horse jump turned ‘bench’.

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