Latest Walk: Arundel to Slindon Circular

Usually walks in the Arundel area – at least for the Sussex Young Walkers – have been between Arundel and Amberley, but Steve D decided on a different route, that took us from Arundel to Slindon and back again.

We started from the car park of Arundel Station, then headed north into Arundel itself, before heading out west into the woods. We emerged on the road to the north of the Spur pub on the east outskirts of Slindon, where we had lunch. In the afternoon we made our way back through the woods to Arundel.

Many thanks to Steve D for running and enjoyable walk. If you were on it and would like to comment, feel free to do so.

2 thoughts on “Latest Walk: Arundel to Slindon Circular”

  1. This was a new walking area for me, so many thanks Steve for taking us there today. Well done navigating the woodland paths. Good pub choice.

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