Latest Walk: Arundel Walk

We were fortunate to have good weather for walking today, with the sun out and the air cold but not chilly.

The walk started from the car park in the lay-by off the B2139 between the A29 roundabout and Houghton. We proceeded first along the road to Houghton, then south along the river and then inland up the hill. From there we had spectacular views of the countryside all around. The route then took us south into Arundel.

We had lunch at the Black Rabbit pub just down the road, where the service was prompt and the food excellent. As the sun was out, we were able to sit outside overlooking the River Arun.

After lunch, we returned to the start point by heading north past the local farms and villages, and then along the river.

One amusing thing was that our walk intersected with one organised by the Sussex Pathfinders which was travelling the same basic route in the opposite direction, so we met them twice, once before and once after lunch!

Many thanks to all who attended the walk. If you did come along, and wish to comment, feel free to do so.

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