Latest Walk: Ashdown Forest

Today’s walk was most notable for the weather: it rained through the morning half, and the ground was soggy under foot. We none the less managed to complete the circular walk, starting from and ending at the Gill’s Lap car park in Ashdown Forest. We enjoyed an unpretentious lunch at the Nutley Arms cafe.

Many thanks to Emily for leading the walk. If you attended and would like to comment, feel free to do so.

3 thoughts on “Latest Walk: Ashdown Forest”

  1. Thanks Emily for leading a good walk. Well navigated in this difficult terrain. I really enjoyed the wall-to-wall sunshine, oh no hang on, i mean the persistent unrelenting precipitation and i am still drying out but i made it memorable. Thank you for not cancelling as i needed the exercise.

  2. Despite the rain and muddy under foot conditions it was a really enjoyable walk. Just have to dry out all my walking kit and look for new boots as mine are not waterproof any more!!
    Thank you Emily.

  3. dehydration was no problem. I am not sure of the sanity of the participants including myself but surprisingly we remained in good spirits despite the soaked to the skin feel of the whole thing. One to include in the summer programme due to the lovely terrain on a good day.

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