Latest Walk: Balcombe Circular

Today’s walk saw unusually pleasant weather for early November (in contrast to yesterday!), although it was very muddy under foot. Starting from Balcombe Station car park, it was a circular walk that took in Balcombe Lake, Wakehurst Place, Tillinghurst Farm and Tilgate Wood.

As it was sunny, we were able to eat lunch out the front of the Gardener’s Arms pub. The food was good, although it was disturbing to find framed photos of Gardener’s World presenters on the walls of the toilets!

Many thanks to Steve D for leading an enjoyable walk. If you came along and would like to comment, feel free to do so.

5 thoughts on “Latest Walk: Balcombe Circular”

  1. Thank you Steve D for a lovely walk on a beautiful Autumn day. You found the perfect spot to observe the two minute silence.

  2. Yes i liked the way you remembered to bring in the 2 min silence. We were lucky that we heard a gun/cannon? to mark the start and end of it (provided from a nearby property?), and a great spot for it.

  3. a real quagmire on foot from the overnight rain but the area is always appealing. Food decent enough and many thanks for observing the 2 minutes silence everyone. The cannon fire was a bonus although I am not sure Steve D had that in his original itinery!

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