Latest Walk: Barcombe Mills

The weather was warm and sunny for today’s walk in the Barcombe Mills area. We had a pleasant walk through the woods and fields, passing a free-range chicken farm.┬áLunch was a picnic on the edge of the Barcombe cricket pitch.

Many thanks to Steve for leading an enjoyable walk. If you attended and would like to comment, feel free to do so.

6 thoughts on “Latest Walk: Barcombe Mills”

  1. Steve. Thanks. The eggs looked good but not sure what the award winning bit was!!
    Plenty of cover this time round through woods from the quite strong heat.
    Footpaths looked to be pretty dry.

  2. Ross and I went back afterwards to buy some eggs. Then i got home and had scrambled eggs. Looks like i will be having that for some time to come!

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