Latest Walk: Barcombe

Steve K (the walk leader) has kindly supplied the following report on today’s walk:

Today’s walk was a trip around the parish of Barcombe north-east of Lewes. Starting at Barcombe Mills we followed the river Ouse up to beyond White Bridge where we stopped to look at the remains of the ramparts of the old motte-and-bailey castle on the other side of the riverbank in front of Isfield Church. We then turned and heading back down through the woods along Dallas Lane. We then made our way over to Mount Pleasant and on into Barcombe Cross for sandwiches and an outdoor lunch at the recreation ground. After this, we made a quick visit to a little hidden church dedicated to Francis of Assisi. Then we headed out of the village to old Barcombe itself and wandered along some peaceful and quiet country lanes and on to the old church of St Mary. Around the side of the church we spotted a car, an old Nissan Micra perhaps, high up in the woods on a post or crane which gave much amusement and should appear in the photos. Our path then led back to Barcombe Mills where we played Pooh sticks over one of the bridges on the weirs here, with much confusion as to where are sticks went to: some sunk without a trace we fear. We passed over under and around many times the disused railway lines that used to transport people to Barcombe, now more visible on the map than on the ground. Thank you to those who came today.

He also supplied some photos from the walk:

Barcombe Mills 1 small

Barcombe Mills 2 small

Barcombe Mills 3 small

Barcombe Mills 4 small

If you were on the walk and would like to comment, feel free to do so.

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