Latest Walk: Birling Gap

Sarah and Sue’s walk today had a decent turn-out, a “magnificent seven” of group regulars. There was a bracing wind, but the weather became nicer as the day went on.

We started from Birling Gap car park and proceeded east along the coast, before cutting inland. The route then took us across the A259, before finally looping back into East Dean from the north.

The initial idea had been to eat lunch at the Tiger Inn in East Dean, but the pub looked very busy, so we decided to eat at the adjacent tea shop instead; the food there proved to be very good.

The second half of the walk saw us returning to the Birling Gap car park from the west, the final stretch taking in a number of the Seven Sisters on the coast.

Many thanks to Sarah and Sue for organising the walk. If you attended, feel free to leave a comment.

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