Latest Walk: Blackboys Loop

Today’s walk was a little more eventful than usual, as fairly early on we were faced with the unexpected closure of a bridge over a river we needed to cross. Out attempts to find another way across were less than successful, so we ended up having to go the long way round! This meant that we reached the pub rather later than anticipated, although they proved to be accommodating. The meal there was excellent (although as with all gastropubs somewhat pricey), and fortunately we were able to make it back comfortably before it got dark.

Many thanks to Andy for leading the walk, and to Steve for his work in finding an alternative route to the pub. If you attended and would like to comment, feel free to do so.

2 thoughts on “Latest Walk: Blackboys Loop”

  1. Yes thanks to all. Very beautiful area to walk and the group should do more in this area.
    Apologies to those who had to detour round but i think most understood it was just one of those things when bridges become unusable. Ironically it was open before christmas so this was a recent event.
    But at least we became familiar with the River Uck. Some more intimately than most!

  2. Well what can i say? This walk will probably go down in the history of Sussex Young Walkers as perhaps the most interesting of walks for a variety of reasons. Two closed paths (one blocked bridge, one blocked off railway crossing). As James said, i managed to navigate an alternative route around Buxted Park thanks to Viewranger and battery packs. Thankfully my torch and survival bracelet complete with fire starter and strong rope proved not to be needed. Quite a fun and eventful day not to be forgotten, go SYW!

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