Latest Walk: Bluebell Walk

There was an emergency on the morning of the walk, as Claire was ill and therefore unable to lead it. Fortunately, Steve was able to step into the breech, and work out a replacement walk from the same starting point.

The walk was not as long as advertised (14 miles), but still was a decent length. We headed north out of Haywards Heath, then across and down into Cuckfield, before returning to the station from the west. There were bluebells, as advertised, and excellent weather, as hoped. Perhaps the highlight of the walk was the opportunity to observe the railway viaduct from below, which is even more impressive close up than from a distance.

Many thanks to Steve for leading the walk at such short notice.

If you attended, and would like to leave a comment, feel free to do so.

2 thoughts on “Latest Walk: Bluebell Walk”

  1. Thanks Steve for the impromptu walk – particularly liked the viaduct, and the end of the walk was, once again, perfectly timed for those of us with a train to catch home. Hope you get better soon Claire.

  2. Thank you to the 6 SYWs and the 7 Becs people who turned out on this walk. As Claire was ill i stepped in to lead it. After setting off together Becs went up to Ardingly Reservoir and SYWs turned off towards Brooke Street and then south down to Cuckfield. Weather was warm. We went off map for a bit and ended up on Cuckfield golf course but still ended up in the right spot. My calculations make it 9 miles. Glad the walk ended in good time for the trains – all part of the service.

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