Latest Walk: Bluebells, Rocks, Weirwood, Ashdown Forest and Great Views

Claire’s walk today was a joint walk involving the Sussex Young Walkers and the Brighton Explorers. There was an excellent turn-out of 24 walkers, roughly half from each group, who met at “The Sharpe Thorne Organic Cafe” in Sharpthorne, where a number had a cuppa in preparation for the 11 mile walk.

The morning half of the walk saw us proceed east and north round through the woods and up to the reservoir, where we had our picnic lunch. We returned to Sharpthorne from the opposite side in the afternoon.

The weather was wonderful and the bluebells out in force in several places. The views were excellent. Perhaps the only disappointment was that we didn’t see a train on the Bluebell Railway!

Many thanks to Claire for the walk; I certainly enjoyed it and I hope the other participants did.

Please feel free to leave your comments on the walk here.

One thought on “Latest Walk: Bluebells, Rocks, Weirwood, Ashdown Forest and Great Views”

  1. Excellent walk Claire. Well done and thank you. I want to do that one again soon. What a great day! See you all again soon.

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