Latest Walk: Chanctonbury and Cissbury Ring

Today’s walk was an enjoyable if challenging Rambler taking in Chanctonbury and Cissbury Rings. We started from the car park south of Washington village, then made our way across the South Downs, taking in both the rings. The weather was generally good, except for the last mile when it started to rain.

Many thanks to Emily for leading the walk. If you attended and would like to comment, feel free to do so.

3 thoughts on “Latest Walk: Chanctonbury and Cissbury Ring”

  1. A really classic sussex walk today with the historic rings all tackled. Pity about the last hour of rain but up to that point it had been breezy but bright day. Good to have some canine companions today and plenty of human activity all over the place.
    A request would be to repeat this one in the summer for some better views from the high spots.

  2. Thank you Emily for a fantastic walk – definitely the workout i needed after a few months off walking. Glad there was a good turnout. Looks forward to your next walk..Steve.

  3. A very good walk, thank you Emily. As Steve mentioned a good workout and what a shame the rain came before forecast time!

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