Latest Walk: Cowfold and Wineham

In contrast to the previous walk, the weather was very good for this walk. In places it was a muddy or soggy under foot, but in general it was pretty dry.

We met up at Cowfold recreation ground car park and made our way west through the church grounds, before turning south not long after. We worked our way along the public footpaths across the fields; unfortunately, in places these had become overcropped, although generally not too badly.

We turned east across the top of the grounds of the Monastery of St Hugh. Of this the book 100 Walks in West Sussex writes:

The tall spire that dominates the countryside below Cowfold is not that of a church, but belongs to the Monastery of St Hugh. This secretive closed Carthusian order arrived unexpectedly from Paris over a century ago. Originally hidden in a wood the buildings are now more visible from the adjacent paths.

We soon crossed the A281 at Little Parkminster, then walked through the woods and fields for a couple of miles, before arriving at the Royal Oak pub for lunch. As one of our number remarked, this was the first time this year we had been able to eat outside for a lunch stop!

The second half of the walk was shorter, as we made our way northwest through the countryside back to Cowfold.

Many thanks to all who attended the walk; if you would like to leave a comment, please feel free to do so.

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