Latest Walk: Cowfold Circular

half-moonDespite the threat of snow, the weather was generally quite good, with only some chilly wind early on. Unfortunately, it was rather muddy underfoot, which posed some challenges, but that was to be expected at this time of year.

The walk started from Cowfold Recreation Ground Car Park, and saw us work our way up past the Leonardslee Estate to Warninglid. There we had lunch at the Half Moon, which was excellent. After lunch, we made our way back by another route to the start.

On the second half on the walk, some entertainment was provided by a young red-brown springer spaniel named Harry. We met a group of walkers coming in the other direction with a dog, who they told us had attached himself to them a little way back. They asked us to try to lead him back to where (they presumed) he lived. We did so and fairly soon encountered the owner, who had been looking for the dog. Although the dog decided to ignore the owner’s calls and whistles, we did manage to lead him along to a place where the owner could pick him up. It emerged that he was one years old and had recently started to become disobedient, and this was the latest example of that.

Many thanks to everyone who came on the walk. If you attended and would like to comment, feel free to do so.

2 thoughts on “Latest Walk: Cowfold Circular”

  1. Thank you James. A lovely walk. Weather much better than expected. Harry was definitely star attraction, though, I suspect, after todays escapade he won’t be let out again anytime soon…

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