Latest Walk: Cowfold Circular

Our latest walk, last Sunday, was nominated as the Sussex Young Walkers’ inaugural walk as a flexigroup. The flexigroup concept has been introduced by the Ramblers to reduce the bureaucratic requirements for groups where there is no particular need for a formal commitee, AGM and other such things. Sussex Young Walkers has been nominated to try out the idea. In practice, we will continue to organise walks, but hopefully the change will make it easier to concentrate on publicising the group and expanding its activities.

In addition to the usual collection of young walkers, we also had some representatives from Sussex Area and Central Office, including Clive Grummet, the Area Chairman, and Gemma Petty, the Group Walks Development Office at Central Office.

The walk itself went well. The weather was better than expected for early October, which was a great help, and the ground was largely dry underfoot. I had not previously walked much in this area, although, like quite a few people, I have driven along the A272 through Cowfold more times than I can remember! It was therefore an interesting adventure for me working out the walk in an unfamiliar region of Sussex.

The morning half of the walk saw us proceed through the woods and fields to the north of Cowfold.

We stopped at the Half Moon in Warninglid at lunch; some of us just a drink (and possibly a packet of crisps), while others opted for a ploughman’s or even a Sunday roast. The food was rated highly by those who tried it.

The way back was similar, although we encountered some rather overgrown paths and a fallen fingerpost, which had confused me when I had pre-walked this walk.

Many thanks to all who came on the walk. If you attended and want to leave a comment, feel free to do so.

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