Latest Walk: Ditchling and Clayton Windmills Gallop

Today’s walk saw the group return to the familiar territory of Ditchling Beacon and the nearby Clayton Jack and Jill Windmills. It was pleasant weather and the group was most amused by the itchy pigs it encountered on the route.

Many thanks to Andy for organising an enjoyable walk. If you attended and would like to comment, feel free to do so.

UPDATE: Andy has supplied the following detailed report on the walk:

A very nice Autumn weather day greeted the SYW on Sunday. An overfilled Ditchling Village Hall car park meant that a few had to park elsewhere but luckily that proved not a problem. Apparently SYW have done this walk quite a few times in the past (or similar) but for me personally it was a first; and it proved a delightful trapse through many interesting pockets of Ditchling and beyond.

The first part of the walk is a meandering wind through the residential part of Ditchling taking in the Sports ground and a number of tight alleyways that are all heading in the direction of the Downs.

The village of Westmeston is on route and our journey took us to the St Martins Norman Church built in 1100 with its porch reconstructed in the 14th century. Westmeston is also home to Raymond Briggs the author of the Snowman (familiar to most).

A steepish climb up to the top of the Downs was then attempted passing some ancient burial mounds and some superb views half way up.

Once at the top we were able to observe Ditchling Beacon very close to our right. We then headed towards Stanmer and a very smooth piece of sculpted curvature that allowed us the view the AMEX from a distance. We encountered a Tiger Moth aircraft and Cyclists.

The next part of the walk was interesting as it took us through a wood following a stone wall very tightly. This went up and onwards for some time until eventually we appeared at the top of the wood and made our way to Piddingworth Plantation which is not as big as we expected.

Lunch was taken at Lower Standean Farm where we observed an itchy and mud covered pig scratching himself against a post and then following us for a while.

The walk winds its way past Pyecombe Golf Course (where I am a member ironically) and to the main attraction of Jack and Jill windmills. We completed a circuit around the mills and went back down the Southdowns Way until we came across the relevant path that would take us down to Ditchling again.

Drinks were taken at the Bull Inn where we socialised close to an overfull apple tree.

Many thanks to those who attended.

3 thoughts on “Latest Walk: Ditchling and Clayton Windmills Gallop”

  1. Another Turner classic – hills and views! Fab!

    For some interesting videos from the walk check out my tumblr site

  2. Nice video steve. That pig sure was an itchy beast that day. Interestingly the normal perfect pink colouration was completely obscured by the mud bath it had just indulged.
    Quite a specimen.

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