Latest Walk: Ditchling and Pyecombe

Today the group revisited the familiar territory of the South Downs. Starting from Ditchling Village Hall car park (the scene of some of the world’s worst parking), we proceeded west out of Ditchling along the course of the Roman Road up to the outskirts of Keymer. There we turned south and continued until we reached the fields. From there we made our way to Pycombe, crossing the railway bridge and braving a muddy path up and over the Downs. In Pycombe we stopped for lunch at the Plough.

The Plough is rather a large pub with a large amount of tiered seating out the back. As it is close to the A23, it is hardly a scenic vista! However, because it was sunny, we decided to sit outside for our meal. The whole group decided to go for various roasts, which were of good quality.

The route back to Ditchling took us first across the A273, then through Pyecombe Golf Course. We then turned north and travelled as far as the Clayton Jack and Jill Windmills, where we spent a little time. The final stretch of the walk saw us walk along the top of the Downs, before descending to the fields south of Ditchling and walking back into the village.

Many thanks to all who attended the walk. If you attended and would like to leave a comment, feel free to do so.

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