Latest Walk: Forest Row Circular

Unfortunately, I was unable to make today’s walk “Forest Row Circular”. If you did, and would like to comment, feel free to so so.

Addendum: Steve Kisko has supplied the following walk report:

Today’s walk started in Forest Row and made its way north up the Vanguard Way and then east towards Hartfield along the High Weald Landscape Trail. There was a good turnout of 11 people with plenty of regulars, 3 new walkers to the group and the return of a familiar face from West Kent Walkers. The weather was pleasant and a little warmer than it has been recently. Early on there were some fantastic panoramic views across the rolling countryside and wide open fields. As we made good progress, there was then a decision to add on a bit more to the walk before lunch which touched on a part of the Wealdway to Withyham. Most of us had lunch at the Hay Waggon pub in Hartfield with a few opting for a picnic in the village. Then we made our way back to Forest Row along an old disused railway line, now a footpath, called the Forest Way. A very good walk and well planned.

5 thoughts on “Latest Walk: Forest Row Circular”

  1. Peter lead a nice walk across an area i had not visited before. It was good to see a bigger turnout and to catch up with everyone after i missed the last one. Cheers.

  2. Perfect walking conditions with no wind, although the familiar soft foot conditions. Lots of open fields. Thanks Peter for this new route on the agenda. So many of these new places perhaps to be visited in the future.

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