Latest Walk: Handcross Circular

Our most recent walk itself was an enjoyable ramble through the countryside around Handcross. It is still muddier out than one would like, and the weather has turned colder again. Lunch was at the Jolly Tanners pub in Staplefield, which was especially busy on account of it being Mother’s Day. Claire brought her dog P.T. along, and he made plenty of friends on the way, including an over-enthusiastic spaniel, who needed some persuading to stop following us and return home!

Many thanks to Andrew for leading the walk. If you attended and would like to comment, feel free to do so.

5 thoughts on “Latest Walk: Handcross Circular”

  1. Another good walk, thank Andy. Glad i got to see some others paths around Balcombe other than the ones i normally stick to.

  2. Thanks to Peter for his pre walk survey with myself and it looked good we navigated with no maps. They just get in the way! Footing was a lot better then in recent past.
    Some of the land around there was stunning. Needless to say the farms must be worth a fortune.
    Sorry about the pub but we had no chance of a table, as probably booked up weeks in advance. Anyone notice how the Victory Inn had huge amount of cars outside and that is a tiny pub inside!

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