Latest Walk: Kirdford and Wisborough Green

We were fortunate to experience some of the best weather of the Bank Holiday for today’s walk. Apart from it being muddy under foot in places, walking conditions were pretty much perfect.

The walk started from and finished at Wisborough Green, taking in the nearby village of Kirdford on the way. We passed the church in Wisborough Green (St Peter Ad Vincula) and headed south towards the Wey and Arun Canal. Before reaching it, we turned west and made our way through the Mens nature reserved and then across the A272. We then followed the paths and lanes north into Kirdford.

Lunch was at the Half Moon in Kirdford, where we were able to sit outside, opposite Kirdford Church (St John the Baptist), on account of the excellent weather. The food too met Steve’s demanding approval.

The walk back was short and saw us walk across the north side of Wisborough Green, before turning south into the village.

Many thanks to all who attended the walk. If you came along and would like to comment, feel free to do so.

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