Latest Walk: Littlehampton Circular

Today’s walk was a departure from the usual terrain, as it took in the coast to the west of Littlehampton, along with the fields a few miles inland.

We started a little way up the road from the Littlehampton Fort car park. The route took us in land over the fields through Ford to Yapton, where we planned to have lunch. Unfortunately the pub Steve D was planning to take us to turned out to have been demolished! Apparently it was still on Google maps, but not evidently on the ground. The other pub immediately in the village turned out to be closed, but fortunately we were able to find another pub in reasonable walking distance a little way to the north. This served rolls at a very reasonable price, so we had our lunch after all.

The post lunch walk saw us make out way south through the fields down to the sea side. We emerged in Elmer and walked back towards Littlehampton in part along the beach, then in land. We took the opportunity to stop at a cafe near the sea front on the way for further refreshments, before returning to the start.

Many thanks to Steve D for leading an eventful and interesting walk. If you attended and would like to leave a comment, feel free to do so.

4 thoughts on “Latest Walk: Littlehampton Circular”

  1. weather was perfect today with sea breeze. littlehampton area deserves walking attention and i enjoyed exploring it. shame about parking and pubs etc but we did get a good workout today. thanks to steve d.

  2. Good walk Steve, well done. I would never have thought about walking here so quite an eye opener and beautiful place. Would recommend researching car park and pub facilities a bit more next time but overall a good job and well navigated.

  3. Thanks Steve D for a lovely walk. Good to explore a relatively undeveloped part of the Sussex Coast; very different from our usual haunts around the South Downs and Sussex Weald.

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