Latest Walk: Plumpton Plod

Today’s walk was a pleasant plod in the Plumpton area. Starting from Plumpton Station (in Plumpton Green – or is it Plumpton? – no one seemed sure) we looped around the village to the east and returned from the south. We stopped for a picnic on the way.

Walk leader Steve has developed a phobia of being trampled by cows, so we had to made several deviations from the planned route. He was also bothered by an aggressive dog near a farm, which had apparently happened before, much to his displeasure. At least he was able to pose with a horse (a foal in fact) for a photo.

We were joined for the walk by Claire’s new dog P.T., who was well behaved for his age (five months) and showed plenty of stamina in keeping up with the group.

Many thanks to Steve for leading the wak. If you came along and would like to comment, feel free to do so.

6 thoughts on “Latest Walk: Plumpton Plod”

  1. Thanks to Steve for leading the walk and to all who turned up, for welcoming me into the fold.

    The Plumpton Plod – or should it have been, Plumpton Safari – was an interesting, though not following strictly the originally planned walk, due to unforeseen animal behaviour, but a nice, gentle walk, nevertheless.

  2. steve and animals go together like a horse and carriage. i can understand his rare display of irateness though if this is the second time the wretched mut has taken to him. another eventful plod that challenges some of steve ds adventures. we all took to clares pt.

  3. Re: The starting point, no doubt about it, it was Plumpton Green.
    Thanks for all attending and for your patience while we encountered an aggressive herd of cattle. There’s always safety in numbers. At least it makes the walks memorable and more interesting. Look forward to seeing you all again soon.

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