Latest Walk: Pulborough Linear

Today’s walk saw a new walk leader take charge – Bill – and he led us on an enjoyable walk through the countryside to the south of Pulborough and up onto the South Downs.

The walk started out in the car park behind Pulborough Post Office. This car park has what must be the most confusing parking regulations on the sign at the entrance, but a quick check at the P.O. confirmed that we could park there on Sundays.

The walk was unusual for us in that it was a linear, ending in Amberley, so we had to catch the train back from there to Pulborough. Fortunately, there were no disruptions to the train service, so that aspect of the walk was not a problem.

We proceeded south through the Pulborough Brooks nature reserve and into the woods. There we continued until we reach the West Lodges entrance to Parham Park. We emerged at the other end near Cootham.

Bill had hoped that we could eat at the Crown Inn in Cootham, but the previous night had discovered that they were fully booked due to Christmas. He therefore had booked at table at the Moon down the road in Storrington. Fortunately, it proved to be an excellent substitute.

The afternoon saw us work out way south from Storrington up onto the South Downs, following an alternative route suggested by Steve. We followed the South Downs Way westward, before joining the Wey South Path down to Amberley. We were unlucky in that we just missed the 3:20 train back to Pulborough, but it did give us the chance to relax in the nearby Riverside Tea Rooms with a drink and cake. We were then able to catch the 4:20 back to Pulborough, and there was then only a short walk back from the station to the car park.

Many thanks to Bill for leading an excellent walk. If you attended and wish to leave a comment, feel free to do so.

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