Latest Walk: Shepherd and Dog Revisited

Today’s walk was a rerun of a walk originally led in January 2013, with a post-lunch section tacked on. The original walk saw us encounter mud, mist and plenty of water; today’s edition was blessed with far better weather. It was interesting to contrast the conditions under foot: muddy and wet with flooding in places, against dry and cracked, with some brown patches.

We started with a steep climb up onto the South Downs from the rear of the Shepherd and Dog Pub. The rest of the pre-lunch section was more sedate, as we walk across to Devil’s Dyke, and then down into Poynings, before returning to Fulking.

We had lunch at the Shepherd and Dog. Although we had a table booked inside, we opted to eat out in the garden on account of the heat. The food was up to the usual high standards of the pub.

The post-lunch walk saw us loop round to enter Edburton from the north, then make another steep climb up on to the South Downs. We then followed the South Downs Way to the east, before descending into Fulking again. We followed the same route as at the start of the walk, only in reverse.

Many thanks to everyone who came on the walk. If you attended, and would like to comment, feel free to do so.

3 thoughts on “Latest Walk: Shepherd and Dog Revisited”

  1. Thank you James. Rather a humid day for walking, but good to revisit paths I hadn’t been on for a while and discover some new ones.

  2. humid but good to do the fulking escarpment twice. steep but short climbs. its a great area and i never get bored of it. the views are always impressive. thanks james for working this one out.

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