Latest Walk: South Water Country Park

Last Sunday saw Steve D’s latest walk “South Water Country Park”. Unfortunately it proved to be rather muddy under foot, but the weather was fine otherwise and it was a nice stroll through the countryside near Horsham, with some good views. Lunch was at the Bax Castle pub.

Many thanks to Steve D for leading the walk. If you attended and would like to comment, feel free to do so.

5 thoughts on “Latest Walk: South Water Country Park”

  1. Thanks Steve for leading the walk. Driven past South Water many times but never been there. Very muddy again which made it difficult to walk at times without the fear of falling over.

  2. Thanks Steve D. Good choice of location – new area for most of us I think. For those that spotted the signpost for Newfoundout and thought it may be a recent (badly named) addition to the map, Southwater parish website states it has been a hamlet since medieval times.

  3. The underfoot conditions have been like this for months. It does not add anything apart from foot rot. Never mind, the views and areas we walk in are nearly always worth the effort. Weather-Just get hotter right?

  4. Emily…you’ve trumped me on local historical knowledge!

    Andy…i’ve got my shorts out for your next walk!

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