Latest Walk: Southwater to Nuthurst

Today’s walk (Southwater to Nuthurst) was led by Steve D. As expected, it was very muddy under foot, but unfortunately that is almost inevitable at this time of year. Still, it was nice to get walking again after the Christmas/New Year break. We stopped at the Black Horse Inn, Nuthurst for an excellent lunch. The post-lunch walk took in the Downs Link on the way back to the start.

Many thanks to Steve D for leading the walk. If you attended and would like to comment, feel free to do so.

9 thoughts on “Latest Walk: Southwater to Nuthurst”

  1. Quite simply the muddiest walk i have even been on but great all the same.

    Steve D – well navigated especially as some of it was new to you. A great pub with good food and atmosphere.

    1. Thanks Steve glad you liked it, I thought the pinewood and the pub was good, and overall nice to visit this part of Sussex, it was muddy indeed in places 🙂

    1. Thanks Pete, was good to see you again, had been a while now, I thought it would make a change basing a walk in that part of Sussex with a combination of the Downslink and the Pinewood, etc, see soon.

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