Latest Walk: Steyning Circular

Today’s walk, led by Emily, was an enjoyable stroll in the Steyning area. The start/end point was in Steyning, and the walk took us up onto the Downs. The walk took us through a pig farm, where we passed a series of pens containing age groups ranging from piglet to adult. We descended to the pub for lunch; afterwards, there was a short walk along the river back into Steyning.

Many thanks to Emily for leading the walk. If you attended and would like to comment, feel free to do so.

3 thoughts on “Latest Walk: Steyning Circular”

  1. thanks for the walk. my marrow made it home even though it was weighing me down. animals again featured this time pigs made a guest appearance. if anyone knows the birds of prey hovering post an answer.

  2. Thanks Emily, great walk. We were lucky enough to see the 2 Lancasters transiting from Goodwood Revival to Duxford, a piece of history.

  3. Another great walk, always an adventure or some drama! Lovely views.

    I don’t know the names of the raptors/birds of prey but i would suggest they were buzzards or kites.

    Emily thanks for the lift to Portslade, i got a bus very soon after.

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