Latest Walk: Sussex Border Path and Bluebell Railway

Today’s walk was a departure from the usual formula, as rather than doing a circular (i.e. starting from and ending at the same point), we did a linear. The main issue for us when doing a linear is that if you need to arrange transport back to the start, as we mostly arrived there by car. In this case we had some excellent transport back in the form of the Bluebell Railway.

The walk started from the southern outskirts of East Grinstead. We made liberal use of the Sussex Border Path on our way south to the Bluebell Railway station at Sheffield Park. We had intended to pop into the Sloop Inn late on in the walk, but it turned out to be closed for renovation. This was a pity, but at least this pub hadn’t been demolished!

We had hoped to catch the 2:45 pm train back, but a few delays resulted in us catching the 4 pm train instead. This did allow us to relax at the station with a cool drink, before experiencing the leisurely ride back to East Grinstead.

Many thanks to Peter for organising an excellent – and different – walk. If you attending and would like to comment, feel free to do so.

3 thoughts on “Latest Walk: Sussex Border Path and Bluebell Railway”

  1. thanks peter. maybe we could do more linears but no transport back is going to be better than the bluebell i suspect. weather was unexpected bonus. i was surprised to see the sloop closed and a free house not a harveys! what is the world coming to when harveys is replaced!

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