Latest Walk: The Blue Ship

Today’s circular walk, taking in Rudgwick and the Haven, had additional attractions supplied by the Rudgwick Steam and Country Show and Dunsfold Wings and Wheels. We started off opposite the King’s Head pub at the north end of Rudgwick, and followed the path across and down to the A281. On the way we passed through the aforementioned Steam and Country Show. The walk then followed the route of the disused railway line for about a mile and a half, before we turned west to gradually make our way over to the Blue Ship pub at the Haven. We had a leisurely lunch there, before head off to make our way back to Rudgwick from the other side of the village. We hoped to see the Vulcan overhead on the way back but apparently its flight was aborted due to bad weather.

Many thanks to all who attended. If you came along and would like to comment, feel free to do so.

3 thoughts on “Latest Walk: The Blue Ship”

  1. thanks james. good stretch out over an area i have never walked before. pub food was pretty good by all accounts. thanks to those who attended. a nice number making it sociable.

  2. Thanks James, a nice walk and the weather held. Nice pub the Blue Ship with plenty of choice on the menu, the food was slow but at least tasty. No doggy in the window this time 🙂

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