Latest Walk: The Blue Ship

Today’s walk benefited from excellent walking weather and from some unexpected entertainment both at lunchtime and also on the way back.

The first half of the walk took us from outside the King’s Head pub in Rudgwick to the Blue Ship pub in the Haven, via the Downs Link.

The pub was busy – though we were able to get served fairly promptly – because of a vintage car rally held nearby. In addition, there were Morris Dancers performing (along with some Clog Dancers) as part of the St.George’s Day celebrations. The group were entertained by these and also a more permanent attracting, the pub pig “Miss Marple”. This giant sow was taking it rather easy in the hot weather.

The second half of the walk saw us return to Rudgwick from the other side. We were forced to take a detour because of a rather unusual obstruction. Our way up the hill to the Sussex Border Path – a farm road fenced on both sides – was obstructed by a long procession of cows  walking down in what seemed like a slow march. We presumed that they were coming in for milking; in any case, there was no way we could walk up past them. Fortunately, there was at that point an alternative route that took us back to the start point.

Many thanks to everyone who came on the walk. If you attended it and would like to comment, feel free to do so.

One thought on “Latest Walk: The Blue Ship”

  1. Thanks for leading the walk James. Yes was good to see the Morris Dancers; Miss Marple briefly seemed to get up to see what was going on afterwards, but quite wisely decided to go back to napping in the sunshine.

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