Latest Walk: The Long Furlong

The weather for walking was good for once this year; the only fly in the ointment was that it is still very muddy under foot in places.

The group took in the countryside to the north of Littlehampton, starting from and ending at the Dover car park in Butler’s Copse. We walked east to Clapham, then back to Patching, before heading down the the World’s End pub in Seldon, where we had lunch. A shorter walk after lunch took us back to the Dover car park.

Many thanks to all who came along. If you attended the walk, and would like to add a comment, feel free to do so.

One thought on “Latest Walk: The Long Furlong”

  1. Thank you James for leading this walk. The views around Long Furlong were wonderful and it was lovely to see some Spring sunshine at long last.

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