Latest Walk: The Shepherd and Dog

Our first walk of the year was a leg-stretcher starting from and ending at the Shepherd and Dog Pub in Fulking. It started with a steep climb up the South Downs from the back of the pub garden. The walk up and along the Downs was made especially memorable by the thick mist, which challenged the map-reading skills of the walk leader James. We passed the Devil’s Dyke Hotel, before making our way to a more leisurely descent to Poynings. From there we made our way down the country lanes and through the fields back to Fulking and the start. The most memorable part of this was negotiating a bridge that had become submerged as a result of recent flooding. At the end of the walk, we went into the Shepherd and Dog for lunch. Although things were a little cramped, and some of us were a little too close to the log burner for comfort, we had an enjoyable meal, as the pub lived up to its reputation for good food.

Many thanks to everyone who attended the walk; it was good to have an excellent turn-out to start the year.

If you were on the walk, and would like to leave a comment, feel free to do so.

2 thoughts on “Latest Walk: The Shepherd and Dog”

  1. Hi James, Thanks for a good walk and nice to see some new faces. However, i suggest we avoid the Fulking pub in future if we want to get served promptly!

  2. Thanks for the walk James,It was great to meet everyone and i look forward to the next walk. I’m sure the views would have been great if not for the weather …. maybe it’s a good excuse for a return walk at some point !?

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