Latest Walk: The Wey Arun Canal

Unlike the previous Sunday, the weather was good walking weather yesterday for the walk led by James around Wisborough Green. Also, conditions were not too muddy under foot; there were only a few patches.

The walk started from the green at Wisborough Green, near the Cricketers Arms.

We walked south then east, past the village pond:

After walking through the Church graveyard and turning south, we crossed the A272 and passed through some farmland before reaching a disused section of the Wey and Arun canal. Travelling along it in a north-easterly direction, we soon came across a restored bridge, which was part of a now-defunct flood gate:

There was a plaque on the bridge, recording its successful restoration:

We continued along the route of the canal, which in places had been filled in, until we reached New Bridge, which carries the A272 over the restored canal:

The route now straightened to move in a northerly direction. On the way we passed another impressive piece of reconstruction:

We crossed the canal at another restored bridge:

It was then only a short walk to the west to reach the Bat & Ball Inn at Newpound Common, where we had lunch.

After lunch, it was only a short walk back to the start, past a farm that breeds Alpacas:

Many thanks to all who attended the walk – and please feel free to leave a comment if you did.

Special thanks are due to Mark Seeger, who took the above photos.

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