Latest Walk: Two by Two

Today’s walk was blessed with excellent weather and good conditions under foot. It was a pleasant stroll through the countryside around Petworth and Lurgashall. The walk started from the car park for Petworth Park. We proceeded south through the park before exiting it to the west; we then made our way through the fields and woods all the way up to Lurgashall. On the way we passed some clay pigeon shooters who seemed not to be the most accurate shots around. In Lurgshall we stopped at the Noah’s Ark Inn for lunch, which was excellent. The afternoon saw a shorter stroll back to the start.

Many thanks to all who came on the walk. If you were on it, feel free to leave a comment.

2 thoughts on “Latest Walk: Two by Two”

  1. Thanks James. It’s my third visit to this area and always nice looking at the palatial residences and really prime walking area. The clay pigeon shoot provided a welcome diversion.

  2. Nice walk James and thanks for leading. Lovely area Petworth. Yes I agree with the accuracy of the clay pigeon shooters as some debris struck my head.

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