Latest Walk: Two Peaks Walk

Unfortunately, I was unable to make it to today’s walk. However, if you did attend and would like to leave a comment, feel free to do so.

UPDATE: Andrew, the walk leader, has kindly supplied the following report:

SYW met at the Lewes Golf Club with rain the order of the day. The forecast was that it would clear later in the day and we were grateful that it did as we were feet saturated quickly.

Emily and Steve walked up the Chapel Hill for the meet and so really had already done most of the climb of the first peak which is Mount Caburn.

As we started off on the way to Caburn the leader noticed the sole of his boot was about to detach itself from the rest of its housing and had to turn back to fetch another pair of more suitable boots.

The view from Caburn was clear with a pure 360 degree view of the surrounding hills and pastures. After the steep descent to Glynde and amusing ourselves at a dog in a window; we started the steady climb up to the Firle Beacon. The tarmacked path up is very well defined and steep in places but the views are very worth the effort at the top; including the whole of Newhaven below with the infamous Incinerator clearly featured. The downward descent to Southease is gradual and long. A sharp right at the bottom saw us join the Ouse and a river walk back to Lewes. Picnic lunch was taken sat on the river bank with many noticing the fast flow on the deeper side of the river and the perhaps tidal influence.

3 to 4 miles of river bank walking saw us return to the bustling town of Lewes and a fond farewell to Emily with card and leaving present. She and Steve found the railway station; and the rest of us had the honour of walking back up Chapel Hill to retrieve our lonely vehicles perched at the top. So we definitely did our two peaks as promised in the agenda!

This walk now appears to be a firm favourite for SYW and all who attended vocalised how great it is to actually see where you are going and have been all the way round the walk.

5 thoughts on “Latest Walk: Two Peaks Walk”

  1. I will mail you a location report james later. A rainy start that was a bit “soleless” ended in sun and a pleasant river walk back into lewes. Good to see steve give emily her card and leaving present. She will now have to go walkabout in aussie rather than the country paths of good old sussex.

  2. Thank you for the Two Peaks Challenge Andy. For most of the walk we could see the whole length of where we were walking – with excellent views – quite unusual. Weather turned out really nice after the first wet hour. One to be repeated. Glad Emily liked her card and map of Melbourne, no excuses for getting lost now down under. Steve.

  3. Thank you Andrew. Great views on the walk and lovely once the rain cleared. Thanks very much to everyone for my card and present. If I don’t see you on the next walk before I leave, thanks for the company.

  4. Thanks Andy for a great walk, the rain cleared off pretty quick and distance was just right. Good luck to Emily for her Oz adventure, well work and different life style!

  5. Thanks Andy, another area I had not walked before and certainly will walk there again. If I don’t see you again all the best in Oz Emily.

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