Latest Walk: Two Peaks Walk

Yesterday saw Andrew’s Two Peaks Walk in the Lewes area, taking in Firle Beacon and Mount Caburn finishing with a river walk on the Ouse.

He supplied the following report on the walk:

Walkers were glad to note that the Southern Water Maintenance Works involving the closure of Chapel Hill was Monday night not the Sunday allowing the SYW to proceed with their Designated Lewes Golf Club Car Park rendezvous.

This is the third edition of the Two Peaks Walk so I will not go into huge detail as its been described before but I will briefly mention the various parts that make it one of the most anticipated summer walks. The beginning is a gentle horseshoe around to Mount Caburn that takes some 40 minutes at the most. The view on top is really amazing and yesterday was no exception with a stunningly clear 360 degrees view of the surroundings including the destination of Firle Beacon.

A steep drop follows to the village of Glynde where the group encountered a number of “Love Supreme” Jazz Festival goers heading for Glyndebourne. Crossing the A27 carefully we headed up the long gradual gravel road that extends up to the Firle Beacon. This is the biggest uphill stretch and gets the pulses up whilst tackling it. Ontop of the Beacon, Steve decided to leave us in search of the Beachy Head walk and the remaining group turned a sharp right and the long downhill stroll towards Southease.

We got to the Southease Bridge and realised the waiting crowd were there for the Lewes Newhaven Raft Race which has been re-established this year. As we traipsed alongside the River Ouse we noted the many weird and wonderful craft passing for floating travel homes. Barrels tied together and canoes bound with rope with some using Tillers at the back. It was supposed to be a race but we were unsure if this was the case. We did note the awaiting throng pelting the rafts with flour and eggs; where raft people were forced to duck and dodge the allegedly harmless missiles.

After some 4 miles walking by the Ouse we came back to Lewes and had refreshments in town before tackling the second classic Sussex peak. That being the traipse up the Chapel Hill to the Golf Course.

Many thanks to Sarah and Mark plus Steve of course who were treated to superb walking conditions and the wonderful views of a much underrated area.

If you attended and would like to comment, feel free to do so.

5 thoughts on “Latest Walk: Two Peaks Walk”

  1. Hi Andrew, great walk thank you. Glad to have risen to the challenge/punishment of the Two Peaks Turner Special!

    After leaving the party at the top of Beddingham Hill i made my way down into Newhaven and on to Eastbourne for the Beachy Head lighthouse walk, then i headed home to recuperate after a day’s walking of 15 miles and to nurse a sore right foot.

  2. Glad you enjoyed the third edition of this walk Steve. We did 12 miles and you did 15 so looks like you came out top for mileage. On the way back on the Ouse we stumbled across the infamous raft race where many were waiting on the bridge at Southease to pelt the crews with eggs and flour. Some interesting contraptions; barrels tied together and canoes roped up for example. Steering was either a tiller at the back or the obvious paddling. We all rested in Lewes before tackling the Chapel Hill!!

  3. And just a point for accuracy, it is not Firle Beacon but Beddingham Hill that we climb after Glynde, but no less amazing.

  4. Thanks Andrew for leading a great walk. This is the second time I’ve done this. Its a tough one, but the views at the top are worth it, especially with the weather as good as it was. It was also fun seeing the racing rafts along the Ouse.

  5. Beddingham Hill of Course but Firle Beacon is not too far off. Glad to see you tough it out Mark. It seems to be an annual tradition to put this one on the menu.

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