Latest Walk: Warninglid Walk

The weather for the walk was not ideal, with some light drizzle that cleared up later and generally overcast skies. Also, the ground was muddy underfoot in places and some paths had become a little overgrown. However, in some ways conditions were more pleasant for walking, as there was none of the heat or humidity of the last couple of walks.

The first half of the walk passed through the pleasant woodland of the Leonardslee estate. The second half passed through various farms. We stopped for lunch at the Half Moon in Warninglid. By this point the weather was sufficiently mild to sit outside. The food was excellent. One word of warning for anyone who tries to make his or her way from the bar to the garden: the signs are rather misleading. The door marked “Gents” actually leads directly into the garden, where the actual “Gents” are to the left in an outside appendage of the building. In addition, the door is marked “Ladies” from the other side, although it leads to the corridor outside the “Ladies”.

Many thanks to everyone who came on the walk. If you did and feel like leaving a comment, please feel free to do so.

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  1. It was, indeed a very enjoyable walk, taking us across fields, through woodland and some very pretty villages. We saw plenty of wildlife, including one very unfortunate goose 🙁 .Thank you James.

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