Latest Walk: Wivelsfield Circular Xmas Walk

The last walk of the year was Andy’s “Wivelsfield Circular Xmas Walk”. Despite the drizzle and the mud, this was an enjoyable walk in the Wivelsfield area, starting from and ending at Wivelsfield Green Village Hall. At the end of the walk, we went to the Cock Inn for “Christmas” lunch (although it was just the usual menu).

Many thanks to Andy for leading the walk. If you attended and would like to leave a comment, feel free to do so.

2 thoughts on “Latest Walk: Wivelsfield Circular Xmas Walk”

  1. Just a short one this time round but deliberately so to enjoy the delights of the cock inn. Thanks to all who made the effort to get there.

  2. Thanks for arranging our Christmas get-together Andy. It was a good choice of pub. See you and everyone else again next year.

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