More Photos from Burpham Circular

Steve has supplied some photos he took on the recent Burpham walk.

On the walk we discovered this old-fashioned red phone box, which had an unusual interior. It turned out it had been modified to act as a sturdy information point for the local area. Steve wanted to leave some Ramblers leaflets (as usual!) but he didn’t have any of the new ones and in any case there wasn’t any room.

Here you can see the exterior of the phone box, which remains in good condition:

Burpham Walk 3

Here is the first part of the display, a local map along with some leaflets:

Burpham Walk 2

And here is the other part, containing more leaflets:

Burpham Walk 1

The main attraction (if you can call it that) of the walk was the Gurka Bridge. Steve supplied the following photo of it:

Burpham Walk 4

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