Photos from Arundel Walk

Mark Seeger took some photos on our most recent walk. Here are the best of them.

We start with “Double O” Steve in action:

And here is the group taking a break:

Here are some photos of the great views of the countryside we had on the first half of the walk:

In Arundel we were able to first view the splendid Catholic Cathedral:

and also Arundel Castle:

The group took a brief break in Arundel before heading off to the Black Rabbit for lunch:

On the way to the Black Rabbit we were able to view the castle from another angle:

After lunch, the group made its way back across the countryside and along the river to the start:

One thought on “Photos from Arundel Walk”

  1. It was a great walk as always. Almost sure my last walk with the group before I come back to Spain (for good).
    Thanks “Sussex Young Walkers” for showing me your countryside. Thanks leaders and walkers for your kindness and time…and your English classes 🙂 .
    I am going to keep very good memories in my rucksack, one of the best of my staying in Brighton.
    All the best,

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