Photos from Barcombe Mills

Mark Seeger has once again supplied some photos taken on the latest walk (“Barcombe Mills”). Many thanks to Mark for supplying these photos! As you can see, there were many interesting sights we passed on the way.


I am not sure we worked out what this was:


Taking a rest:


The mills, I think:


Sensibly keeping its distance:


Taking another rest:


Can anyone identify this plane?


We passed through a free range chicken farm on the walk, leading to many eggs-cruciating puns in the comments.


Many in the group did not thank Steve for this part of the walk. Stinging nettles are not very friendly towards people in shorts!


Balcombe sports ground was a great spot for lunch. There was no cricket match on, but in the background you can see the bowls players in action.


3 thoughts on “Photos from Barcombe Mills”

  1. The body of water is the River Ouse!

    The barn and lake are not the Mills but Knowlands Farm

    The stinging nettles are all good training for should you take a trip to Vietnam!

  2. That brick pill box we discovered-got to be a relic from the 1940s-apparently there are only 6500 left in England according to wikipedia
    The Brickwork looked a bit modern so could have been reconstructed. Occupants would be restricted to small arms fire (slits are too narrow for anything else) and they could survive grenades. Not sure about tank fire though. They were never tested of course as Adolfs friends and helpers never made it over. Inconsiderate after building the bloody things!

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