Photos from Beachy Head Circular

Thanks to Mark for the following photos taken during the recent Beachy Head walk.

There was still some snow about, but this didn’t seem to bother the sheep:

Sheep and Snow

Beachy Head Lighthouse is a fine sight. Here is it viewed from the east:

Beachy Head Lighthouse from the East

Steve was happy not be photographed with animals for once:

Steve says "Hi!"

There was a stiff climb before lunch, but we just about made it:

The steep climb up Beachy Head

Here is the memorial to Bomber Command on Beachy Head:

The memorial to Bomber Command

And here is the view back to Eastbourne.

The view of Eastbourne from Beachy Head

We had lunch at the Beachy Head Inn on Beachy Head:

Our lunch stop

Here is another photograph of the lighthouse:

Another view of Beachy Head Lighthouse

The group enjoyed a shorter walk after lunch, though it was still challenging, as it took in several of the Seven Sisters:

The group walking after lunch

And here is the lighthouse from the other side:

Beachy Head Lighthouse from the West

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