Photos from Bluebell Walk

Mark took some photographs on the recent Bluebell Walk, which he has kindly supplied for the website.

Generally, it was not too muddy, but there were exceptions, as you can see below. Fortunately, neither the mud nor the fallen tree were much of an obstacle.

Fallen Tree in Mud

As so often, we saw plenty of farm animals. Here are some cows taking it easy:


Here is the group in action, crossing a stile:

Group crossing stile

The most impressive sight on the walk was the railway viaduct. Here is a view of it as we approached:

Railway viaduct from east

The most spectacular sight was the viaduct from below:

Railway viaduct from below

A photo of Steve taking a photo

Here some more views of the viaduct, this time from the other side:

Railway viaduct from the west

Railway viaduct from the west, further away

As it was a bluebell walk, it would be wrong not to include a photo of some bluebells!


As well as the cows, we also saw some sheep:

Two sheep

One sheep

The final third of the walk saw us passing through Cuckfield, which has plenty of nice houses like this one:

Big house

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