Photos from East of Balcombe

Peter has kindly supplied some photos taken on the walk.

The first three feature the Ouse Valley Viaduct, which offers a spectacular view if you stand beneath it. However, as you can see from the view of theĀ outside, it has been patched up on more than one occasion over the years due to the wear and tear it suffers from the elements.



Peter took the opportunity to take this group photo under the viaduct:


We were not able to approach the deer closely, but Peter was able to take this from a distance:


One thought on “Photos from East of Balcombe”

  1. Variety of things to look at today including viaduct, deer and interesting to note this is part of the route for the Lindfield Village Run coming up at end of May. Mud was causing us to slow down a bit but enjoyed the quite long walk today. It shows how interconnected alot of local places of interest are. i.e wakehurst, ardingly college, the reservoir etc

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