Photos from Loxwood Figure-of-Eight Walk

Blanca kindly supplied the following photos she took on the latest walk.

The following photo is taken from near the Onslow Arms pub. It shows the three canal barges and the newly-built visitor’s centre.

The next photo shows the restored lock closest to the Onslow Arms, known as Brewhurst Lock.

And here is the next one, Baldwin’s Knob Lock:

Just before Drungewick Lane Bridge there is a widened section (a winding) where boats wider than the normal width of the canal can turn:

There followed some pleasant – but a bit muddy – walking through the local woods:

After lunch we passed another of the restored locks:

Here’s a photo (this one taken by Sue, unlike the others) of Steve’s (alleged) attempt to open the lock:

Finally we returned to the Onslow Arms pub:

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